ska logistik



ska-logistik, s.l. stand out above all from its beginnings because of unconventional solutions, responsability and professional standards.

With these qualities and thanks to their achievements, in one year time since its constitution in Spain, ska-logistik s.l. opened its own warehouse.

Geographically, ska bet for a town located in Baix Penedés, called L´Arboç in Tarragona.

Four years later, in 2016 and in order to satisfy customer´s requests, a new logistic warehouse would be created.

This time will be spanish capital, specifically in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid).

In just 5 years time since opening, ska-logistik s.l. had improved its quality undoubtedly. Thanks to customers, suplliers, employees and direction, ska got a foothold.

What started as an avant-garde project, plus an idea of expansion, it became a reality.

That´s why, we are proud of ourselves today more than ever before.

ska-logistik was born in 1980 in a little town named Affolterbach.

At the beginning, ska-logistik was a little familiar company from Wald-Michelbach region.

As times passes, ska moved from Affolterbach to Mannheim. Finally, ska-logistik would end in its current address, a little city located next to the Rhine river.

This last relocation would change the address of ska-logistik as well, a change that would bring them to the internationalization few years later.

Convinced of its aspirations, new Manager looked for a new partner in order to leap to the internationalization and its expansion.

In 2011, new future would arrive, betting on a new and avant-garde project in order to joining together ska logistik, s.l. with headquarter located in Andújar, Jaén (Spain).

Thanks for being with us.


  • Ground transportation (domestic and international)
    • Specialists in Loading and Unloading of Trade Fairs, Congresses and Events
    • Transport mediation services
    • Transport organization
    • Auxiliary transport services
  • Logistics
    • Integrated logistics operator
    • Logistics services
    • Auxiliary logistics services
  • Others
    • Business support
    • We offer advicing for transport freelance workers


Our comunication, reliability and profesionality are our fundamental pillars.

A high qualified team, multilingual (english, german, french and italian), and with a large experience in logistic, transport and international trade sector is always ready to help you.